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Is there a future for bioenergy?

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As one of the important goals of SDGs is to have Zero hunger. Bioenergy has been criticized well enough to be a competitor to food. As per the study conducted by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) issued a report about the influence of land use on climate change such as agriculture, forestry, and other land used activities and how they are responsible for man-made greenhouse gas emissions across the world so that curbing of excessive food consumption is possible and it is wasted in lesser amount.

Not just food consumption but also deforestation and limited contribution to transportation in the medium or long term due to the challenge of land availability are some negative consequences seen as an impact of bioenergy. Land competition has been observed as one of the factors between bioenergy and growing food in the same field.

The IPCC found the idea of cultivating bioenergy with a purpose for storing and sequestering carbon an opportunity for increasing the option of land grabbing due to the growth of the world population resulting in a rise in food prices.

The scenario also added pressure with an increase in untouched territories but however, the pressure has not been identified as intense as it looks like. The increasing demand for food will always be considered as a priority with bioenergy been used only as a buffer. However, biodiesel production is seen as very beneficial for bees and biodiversity and for cultivating crops with cereals.


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