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How Sustainable Italy is performing in the EU?

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Italy is one of the icons for its touristic and luxuriously rich heritage in culture and history. Can it perform in sustainable rankings in the same manner?

The Global Sustainable index ranking is 15 for Italy. One of the main national targets of reducing GHG emissions by 18% in 2020 is remarkable. Italy is also heavily investing in various renewable energy sources.

In the EU, Italy is the first country to include climate change sustainable development in its national curriculum. One hour every week is autopilot for canvassing climate change issues.

A reduction in the share of fossil fuel energy by 14% and import dependency by 9% as compared to the year 1990.

Italy unveiled its Integrate National Energy & Climate Plan in 2017. The main goal is to achieve a 30% share of renewable energy by 2030. By 33%, a reduction in GHG emissions is forecasted.

The EU’s Paris agreement goals are aligned with the 2050 long-term strategy to reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions by 80-95%.

What are the most urgent problems associated with the environment for Italians? (2020)

Urgent problems to the environment in Italy.

Which sectors are associated with the term “sustainability”?  (2020)

Sectors associated with Sustainability in Italy.

Is Sustainability a favourite topic among your friends, relatives, and colleagues? (2020)

How often Sustainability is a conversable topic in Italy?

In my opinion, Sustainability is rising high in Italy. The problem identified is not something negligible. Global warming is considered to be a major problem. Waste management seems to be a common priority among the EU.

Interestingly, apart from engineering sectors, other sectors seem to be a major priority in Sustainability. And also, sustainability is a major topic to talk about among work colleagues, relatives, or friends. Less than 10% shows no interest.

Source:- Statista.EURISPES

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