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What sustainable progress is heading in Italy?

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As per the global sustainability Index, Italy is ranked 15th. Italy is also known for surpassing its target of 2020 by heavily investing in renewable energies. The market share of renewable energies has almost got doubled from 2007 to 2014.

Even though, Italy is rising high in renewable energy resource, a sharp rise in fossil fuels have also been noticed since 2012. The tax subsidies are available for fossil fuel, diesel, energy use in agriculture forestry, and industry. Tax exemptions in gas and coal production.

Well, we all need to maintain a balance between the use of renewable and non-renewable resources. Depending on the way of solution is not always the best solution.

Italy got different rankings such as:-

  1. 110th in Policy.
  2. 16th in Pollution.
  3. 26th in climate change.
  4. 22nd in Oceans.
  5. 172nd in Biodiversity.
  6. 5th in Energy.

Some other sustainable facts about Italy:-

  1. The first country in the EU to integrate climate change sustainable development plans in its national curriculum.
  2. The country allocated a fixed hour in a week to discuss climate change issues.
  3. The country reduced its use of fossil fuel energy by 14% and import dependency by 9%.
  4. Italy unveiled its Integrated National Energy & Climate Plan in 2017.
  5. It plans to reduce GHG emissions by 33% in 2030.
  6. The country is also planning to achieve a 30% share of renewable energy by 2030.
  7. A long-term strategy aims to reduce GHG emissions by 80 to 95% in 2050. It’s an EU’s Paris Agreement goal.

As per UN DESA 2017, Italy prioritized SDGs 2 (Zero hunger), 6 (Clean water and sanitation), 9 (Industry, innovation, and infrastructure), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 13 (Climate Action), 14 (Life below Water) and 15 (Life on land) with three themes and 17 national strategic goals.

Italy focused on developing harmonious development policy agenda by 2030, i.e. ‘National Sustainable Development Strategy 2017-2030’ (NSDS). The approved NSDS by the council members are adopted by the Interministerial Committee for Economic Programming (CIPE) in December 2017.

What sustainable behaviors are practiced in Italy by the Italians?

  1. Around 87% believe in recycling.
  2. 65% believe in reducing the waste generated by them.
  3. 26% believe in more public transportation.
  4. 21% believe in buying bulk foods without containers.
  5. 18% use alternative transportation.
  6. 10% use installed photovoltaic panels at home.

Who are sustainable consumers in Italian?

  1. 39% believe, Italians buy organic products.
  2. 37% believe, in reusing containers instead of disposing of them.
  3. 36% believe, in reducing one own consumption needs.
  4. 30% believe, in not buying single-use products.
  5. 49% say sustainable products are those that are not damaging the environment.

In a comparison drawn among the Italian and US citizens by the enelgreenpower based on Istituto Piepoli’s research,

the consumers are inclined towards more green energy production and are aware of the close links between sustainability and renewable energy whereas Italian consumers think sustainability is all about recycling, reduction of consumption and waste, efficient waste disposal.

In another survey of Italian consumers, 17% of the Italians used public or private car-sharing or scooter-sharing services. 26% own an eco-friendly car with an electric or hybrid motor, LPG, methane, or Bio-fuel power. 47% with an eco-friendly electric car, LPG, Hybrid, and Bi-fuel car.

The sustainable consumption habits by the Italian (enelgreenpower) based on Istituto Piepoli’s research,

Sustainable products

Products with the energy consumption habits

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