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Do you want to know what Britisher’s knows about Carbon Capture Storage facilities?

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The world is not unknown about the problem with CO2 emission problem. And what side effects the world is faced with environmental hazards.

The carbon capture storage facilities are considered the best possible way to contain the CO2 problems. And stopping it to get released into the atmosphere resulting in atmospherical hazardous issues.

Technological advancement also shows how the world can be adapted for the better. And the sustainable way of living but what about the citizens. Are they well aware of the carbon capture storage facilities?

Do they know what exactly are the issues? And what preventive measurements have been used by their local government? Or the environmental protection authorities who are residing in such locales?

What United Kingdom knows about carbon capture and storage technology?

In my opinion, the result remarkably shows that how much awareness problem is still present? Among the citizen regarding the issues. It is not something that should be taken easily.

Or be completely ignored as more awareness is created. The contribution from the citizen can be seen in a meaningful way and on an equal term. The contribution also turned into a knowledge-sharing sector where more and more ideas can be contributed.

Or shared about. The knowledge also helps the citizens to be aware of their choice. And make a decision carefully leading them to be conscious about the choices they are taking to maintain a healthy life.

Source:- UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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