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Top valuable brands in Latvia

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As per the sustainable brand index 2022,

51% discuss sustainability with their family and friend in 2022 compared to more than 65% in 2020. A good drop in the way people use to think about sustainability and a kind of concern among the citizens.

General Latvia’s sustainability priorities are:-

  • Domestic production/working opportunities at home
  • Good working conditions in domestic workplaces
  • Healthy products/services
  • Recycling and reuse of old material
  • Energy efficiency
  • Domestic products
  • Sustainable/environmentally-friendly packaging
  • Counteract corruption and other irregularities
  • Organic products
  • Technological innovations and solutions to the sustainability challenges
  • The climate issue
  • Other environmental issues e.g. forest conservation or the ocean environment
  • Good working conditions in factories/at production units abroad
  • Animal welfare
  • Engage within the local society in the home country
  • Sustainable transports
  • Make financial investments in sustainable businesses
  • Biodiversity – animals, plants & ecosystemsDiversity, anti-racism & inclusive socities
  • Work against mental illnessGender equality & feminismLGTB-issues

Around 52% are positive towards sustainability communication whereas 12% are negative.

Top 10 valuable as per sustainable brand index 2022,

  1. Rimi
  2. Elektrum
  3. Lāči
  4. Swedbank
  5. Circle K
  6.  Limbažu piens
  7.  Lidl
  8. Spilva
  9. Mēness aptieka
  10. Tet

The top valuable industries in Latvia are:-

  1. Pharmacies
  2. Grocery stores
  3. Food & Beverages
  4. Electricity & heating
  5. Telecommunications

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