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How Nio is approaching sustainability?

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Nio is a Chinese multinational automobile company. It is headquartered in Shanghai. The company is specialized in electric vehicles and was involved in the FIA Formula E. The company recorded its revenue of 1,625.8 crores CNY in 2020.

The electric vehicle company is presenting you the nature in the interior of the ET7. The first-hand experience of the Rattan wood from the beautiful islands in Indonesia. It depends on the biodiversity of the tropical rainforest and limits the flourishing of the wood in a monoculture environment.

Karuun, a startup by three surfers supports the preservation of such natural rainforests through the local sustainable income in the community. As per Felix Wurster, co-founder of Karuun, “Rattan is a forgotten material to much of the world, so sometimes we would to back to Indonesia and update the local workers about Karuun’s current developments and they would literally cry with tears of joy.”

Stephanie Waser, Manager of CMF Design at NIO got acquainted with the material in a furniture exhibition market in London, and with the impressive quality, advocated NIO, becoming the first automotive company with Karuun, “Although more expensive than standard woods, we believe Karuun’s mission benefits the environment.”

The target is to bring a more natural user experience to its customer. NIO is stepping up to bring uniqueness to the concept of sustainability.

It is not about electric drives but also sustainable income and bringing the resources closer to the customer that is losing its essence.

Quite appealing and unique but how far the demand will please the needs of the customers. Is it something in the future with the rise in demand for some exotic choices inside your car?

Nevertheless, the design is a beautiful crafter with frameless windows and wide front glass screens. Something to watch for.

Don’t forget to check out the video.

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