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What opinions do Germans got about Climate change?

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Even Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, agreed to invest in one of the crucial SDGs, Climate change. The need to address the issues and provide a better solution not only gained focus.

But became a main agenda of the present. And future situation. The competitive landscape of different companies is increasing. The need for protection related to climate change situations.

Is global climate change current?
Is climate change caused by natural processes or by human activity?

In my opinion, Germans are quite well aware about the changes happening in the climate and which activities are causing such actions.

The majority of them believe that it is a human-led action causing the change of reactions around the globe due to various reasons.

Quite natural, females are climate preserving oriented but can be seen the activity by an age group of 18-29 years old group who are also quite moved by such activities and actions.

Source: – Statista Nachhaltigkeit 2019.

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