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Do you want to invest in waste to generate crores of revenue?

The market of waste is dumped into landfills or other areas to get rid of from the domestic or after the commercial purpose is over. The large dumping of such unsued products leads to water, land as well as air pollution. In India, due to a large population, anybody can estimate the amount of waste collected per hour daily. And finally dumping at a nearby … Continue reading Do you want to invest in waste to generate crores of revenue?

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How agriculture tech is bringing sustainability?

The gift of agricultural technology in sustainability is the Hydroponic system. The advancement of the technology in the farming sustainability with less water and onsite feed production. The agricultural tech system is the sustainable solution for livestock feeding. The technology helps to grow the animal feed within a week or even less than I should say. The Livestock is included with the nutritious root mat, … Continue reading How agriculture tech is bringing sustainability?

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How Accenture is contributing to Sustainability?

The contribution in terms of funding the movement of the startups launching new innovative ideas in the market. So, Accenture launched the Accenture Sustainability Value Accelerator program with IIM Ahmedabad’s CIIE.CO. CIIE (Capital Incubation Insights Everything) is a startup incubator by IIM Ahmedabad for startup funding, investment, or capital support in the initial stages of the risky adventure. The initiative selected 10 startups for seed … Continue reading How Accenture is contributing to Sustainability?

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How Nio is approaching sustainability?

Nio is a Chinese multinational automobile company. It is headquartered in Shanghai. The company is specialized in electric vehicles and was involved in the FIA Formula E. The company recorded its revenue of 1,625.8 crores CNY in 2020. The electric vehicle company is presenting you the nature in the interior of the ET7. The first-hand experience of the Rattan wood from the beautiful islands in … Continue reading How Nio is approaching sustainability?

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How BMW group is heading towards sustainability?

One of the well-known key players in the automobile industry from Germany is also transiting towards electric vehicle drives. Well, they are not just stopping being an electric vehicle company but also expanding your limits in sustainability with various steps. BMW Group plant at Dingolfing, the plant for the New i7 or the iX is also setting an example towards natural resource conservation and relying … Continue reading How BMW group is heading towards sustainability?

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What is a low-tech solution?

The movement of sustainability and to use of sustainable resources for products question itself are we using sustainable products? The question raised by the prominent tech expertise about the raw materials used in sustainable labeled services? Is the foundation or the core a sustainable material? And finally, is the solution for sustainable livelihood rely upon high-tech solutions? Can’t we rely upon low-tech solutions? A key … Continue reading What is a low-tech solution?

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What is the story of the ATUM charge?

Electric vehicles have been seen as one of the major ways to transform the transportation industry into more eco-friendly. The battery-run vehicle is also cost-saving as compared to the conventional vehicle. So, how can we make the charging stations to be a more clean source of energy resources? The ATUM charge is showing the pathway by installing 250 solar-powered EV charging stations across India. The … Continue reading What is the story of the ATUM charge?

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How Sweden is aiming for Zero Waste?

Sweden is the no.1 country when it comes to sustainability or living a sustainable livelihood. The Swedish lifestyle incorporated the segregation of the waste into different segments including the recyclable group, the targets are known as the ideal that can be easily achieved by Sweden. How Swedish is aiming for Zero Waste? Sweden has covered every minute of daily use of the Swedish people to … Continue reading How Sweden is aiming for Zero Waste?

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What are synthetic fuels?

The ongoing trend for a carbon-neutral environment led to new ways of living styles and a new mode of fuels for the current as well as new vehicles. The trend of electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles has changed the need for fuel not in the traditional manner. So, what are synthetic fuels? However, charging stations or e-vehicles cannot be the only solutions. What about the … Continue reading What are synthetic fuels?

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How sustainable is Germany?

As per Global Sustainability Index, Germany is ranked 6th. Germany is aiming for green power and relying mostly on renewable energy sources for power production. The 10 main policies Germany is implementing to switch to green power are:- They do not see nuclear power as the long-term solution but switch more towards renewable energy resources. All 17 nuclear power plants are completely shut down by … Continue reading How sustainable is Germany?