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What problems in Taiwan have been identified for the development of CSR?

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CSR is one of the main agendas in Taiwan’s business digest. The kind of international trade response from suppliers to big MNCs and large companies has reciprocated led to the Taiwanese government act and appreciate the value of CSR development that can help in eradicating the issues like environmental protection, labor rights, and consumer safety leading to promote transparency in corporate dealings, corruptions to combat and business ethics to be enhanced.

The priorities are identified as a key to the CSR agenda. 

The two goals for CSR development are human rights and labor conditions. 

  • In the Human Rights report, some significant concerns identified are official corruption and exploitation of foreign workers, forced labor, and domestic violence. 
  • Illegal canvassing, statutory working hours to be violated, discrimination of gender, and child abuse increases. 
  • Identifying the rights of refugees. 
  • Legal definitions of wage contracts for specific employee/employer-provided. 
  • The rights and obligations between employees and employers have outlined where unreasonable working hours and forced overwork is protected. 
  • The working hour limited to 40 hours/week or 8 hours a day. 

However, it stated that the working hour of Taiwanese employees is 20 percent higher than the average in Japan and the United States,30 percent more than the United Kingdom and 50 percent more than Germany.

No doubt, the pressure creates mental stress and physical ailments that are harmful to any human being. The time for physical rest and yourself is of utmost importance for better productivity with a healthy mindset, improving the work schedule cycle, helping the mind rest and behave healthily.

Most often, this hectic work schedule leads to overwork or stressful time and resulting in depression, anxiety, and various other health problems. 

Sources:- V. L. Kane, Corporate Social ResponsibilityDevelopment and Trends in Taiwan (R.O.C.); Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan), August 1, 2016.

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