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What problems in Thailand have been identified for the development of CSR?

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Thailand is known for its small and medium-size enterprises has also attracted a lot of global attention due to the foreign direct investment in Thailand.

CSR practice has been introduced but a major challenge has been seen in many local Thai companies that claim to host CSR, but they are not aware of the concept truly to incorporate for their daily business scales. 

One of the objectives as per SDG has been identified is gender inequality. 

  • The social problems triggered by such serious issues are violence, discrimination, and prostitution.
  • In 1997, women have been provided with equal rights and protections but still, the problem of gender inequality pertains. 
  • In 1998, sexual harassment has been considered illegal in business deals. 
  • Female students are not accepted in police and military schools. 
  • Men and women are working on an unequal pay scale and mostly women are working on low paid jobs. 

In my opinion, the solution to every problem is the identification of the issue and what is actually triggering such issues so that a better way can be developed to find out how it can be handled sustainably and provide a solution as per the CSR guidelines.

Sexual harassment is not something new in our day-to-day business cultures and has been identified with the majority of the developed nation where women have been an easy target by their male subordinates not just in small paid jobs but also in high paid jobs. But, however, this can be taken as a serious issue and handled in a strong manner is still to be seen in the upcoming years. 

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