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Is the recycling industry a profitable venture in Germany?

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The new goal or the theme for every rich or developed country is the recycling of their stuffs at a maximum level. The more recycling the material can be, the more profit or revenue it can generate and is becoming a strong sector or area for Germans to enter such market.

As sustainability is becoming a high agenda and more interesting theme with its incorporation in its daily activities.

So does the different sectors or areas in the recyclable market. The recycling industry or the sector has been considered to be holding the share of 36% to 38% till 2018.

The fluctuation of the market share can be seen in a smaller ratio or percentage every year. The waste management share in the industry holds the sales value of 37% in 2015, 35% in 2016, 37% in 2017, and 38% in 2018.

Sales in the recycling industry

The survey result shows a prominent rise in the recycling sector in Germany. The market worth is high, and it holds a rising opportunity in the upcoming next years.

How far are you in the race to capture the recycling market. Do you think you want to invest in the million euros market for a good return to the recycling market?

Source:- Statista.

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