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What retail banking is offering?

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The demand for green finance products is increasing which can be observed by various trends and rise for these products. Offers from the retail bank can be divided into five groups:

Green mortgages- Retail customers are offered by these mortgages with lower interest rates than the clients from such markets that purchased an efficient home with new energy, retrofit investment, energy-efficient appliances, or green power. The switching coverage of a house from conventional to green power can be offered by the Bank where the benefits of the marketing products are included.

Green home equity loans- Clients are provided with loans with a lower rate of motivating households to install residential renewable energy technologies. The effort has been provided by banks that have partnered with technology providers and environmental NGOs.

Green commercial building loans- Particular arrangements are provided to have lower energy consumption, waste reduction, less pollution than traditional buildings. Reduced operating expenses, performance is improved, and longer lifetimes.

Green car loans- Customers are encouraged with such loans to purchase cars with fuel efficiency that is high by offering low-interest rates. Most green car loans are offered by credit loans.

Green cards- Companies that are credit cards provider, offers to make NGO donations approximately equal to one-half percent of every purchase, balance transfer, or advance cash made by the card owner.

Source:- Handbook of Green Finance

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