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What is energy world 4.0?

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In the world of energy, energy 4.0 is playing an important role where the service offerings and trading platforms outside the grid level are increasingly becoming important for any business model of the municipal company.

In the generation area, a prosumer term is used for new players where the municipal utilities are already being marketed with their know-how. Thereby the planning, installation, and maintenance are seen as a complete package for photovoltaic systems in the portfolio of many companies.

The summary and control of mini-Generators for virtual power plants are taking over the municipal utilities known as the aggregators. But also, the municipal companies are playing an important role in the energy field storage.

However, the rise in the popularity of electric cars led to creating a new business field outside of automobile manufacturers. Even the existing players are facing tough competition in the area of electromobility.

Sustainability is the theme of the new era that has created popularity worldwide in order to provide a valuable solution to combat environmental hazards.

This is how the “power-to-vehicle” approach has been described as intermediate storage for any sort of energy in the batteries of electric vehicles. If the entire fleets are intelligently networked then this can result in large storage potentials that can be tapped.

Source :- Kommunale Energieversorger als wesentliche Akteure der Digitalisierung – Strategien und Handlungsoptionen by Katherina Reiche


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