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SDG Goal 5… Gender equality…

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To meet the need without comprising the future generation’s need. Sustainability is not about the environment but also includes social and economic resources.

A movement against the old structure and thinking new way in order to create a balance in the livelihood with respect to every area. It shows the concern towards saving the planet earth. A very thoughtful view and an interesting phase wherein one hand on a practical level it just opened the door for lots of new opportunities but how far are we?

Before Sustainability, Industrialization was thought to be the way of removing extreme poverty, bring justice to people, and solve the hunger problem. It was an idea of getting equality among the people but was it true?

But as Industrialization became stronger and stronger, the fight to survive in this era also became stronger. The fight among gender became much stronger to show who is superior.

Do you really think sustainability can bring peace and amend the goals? Is it possible to really achieve the goal? What about the small-scale industries?

Are they truly following any kind of SDG goals or will they implement those rules because they are not Linde or BMW, they are the service provider of such Large scale industries where only 10 or 15 people are trying to contribute to making the company profitable. Do you think, that they will follow SDG goal 5 (gender equality)??

Gender equality

If there is no equality among the gender in small-scale industries, do you think, the Large scale industries can implement it??

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