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In which sectors sustainability is attracting more attention?

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As the world is diversified into various segments and sectors, sustainability is gaining attention in various segments and sectors.

The theme provided opportunity but how far is it going to add more profit, needs to be seen in the future.

The age of revolution and catching up with the latest trends of revolutionizing the world with sustainability agendas and goals is something unique and a path to a better future.

In the Netherlands, a survey was conducted related to the segments or sectors that are more attractive or gaining more attention.

Which topics gaining more attention in sustainability?

In my opinion, the survey result indicates that the top 3 topics or segments i.e. Waste, Energy, and Food are attracting the sustainability theme.

Well, surrounding the world and what is happening in our neighboring countries, waste is one of the important segment or sectors need to deal properly and with proper care, it needs to be dispersed off.

The kind of waste every day that has been generated all over the world is not doubting creating the basic source of survival needs to be polluted, troubling the citizens and inhabitants to suffer and in trouble how to deal with such amount of waste.

A solution of generating a mass amount of energy from such waste or recycle it for everyday purposes can help in bridging the gap and satisfy the needs.

Source:- Statista; ABN AMRO.

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