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How Segula technologies are moving towards decarbonization?

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The three most important projects used for decarbonization by Segula technologies are:-

  • Remora is a technology for the large-scale storage of intermittent renewable energies using compressed air at sea. The successful commissioning of the land-based prototype Odysea was the first significant accomplishment and demonstrated the technical viability of the project.  A sizable number of players from the research and innovation ecosystem in the Nantes area of France are collaborating in this collaborative effort.
  • The Resilience project uses recyclable composites with thermoplastic matrices that are adaptable to production rates to further modernize the automotive sector and decrease the CO2 footprint of automobiles.
  • The goal of the hybrid electric/biogas project Green Deliriver is to prepare, move, and store commodities on rivers before moving them by electric conveyor to city centers. This should lessen the number of trucks in cities in the future and encourage efficient urban logistics that utilize rivers.

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