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What is the share market of renewable energy sources in Asia?

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Renewable energy sources of small share, both are polluting and non-polluting regardless of continental countries in terms of land, population, income, and level of economic development and technological advancement. In the case of developing Asian countries, industrial and technological capabilities are represented as: –

  • 6.29% of share in large and low-income India.
  • 9.7% of share in Pakistan.
  • 3.3% of share in large and middle-income Indonesia.
  • 14.79% of share in Turkey.
  • 0.23% of share in small-high income Singapore.
  • 1.10% of share in large and high-income Iran.
  • 0% in Saudi Arabia
  • 1.71% share in affluent and highly-developed Republic of Korea.
  • 8.28% share in Japan.

As per a report by Renewable energy share published by (2017),

  • West Asia consists of the Middle East and Turkey and the percentage of renewable energy is 2.49%.
  • Central Asia (excluding Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikstan) and the Caucasus (excludes Armenia and Georgia) consist of 3.24% share,
  • South Asia shares 6.42%,
  • Southeast Asia consists of 5.60% share and
  • East Asia shares 10.02%.

The trends completely show that 60% of global share growth in renewable energy in power generation where hydro is not included.

Source:- Handbook of Finance

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