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What is the scenario with Smart farming?

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Sustainable agriculture is not just about handling the wastage but also making the farming or agricultural industry more technologically smarter.

The global smart farming industry as per BIS Research in 2022 is expected to be 23.14 US billion dollars. As the term indicates, doing agriculture with technologically advanced tools such as IoT, robotics, drones, and AI for high quality and quantity.

Another technique used in smart farming is Precision farming. The method is focused on utilising precise inputs to get an average increase of yields. The market value is forecasted to be 6.54 billion US dollars to 9.53 billion US dollars.

Market size for smart farming
Market share for precision farming-Smart farming worldwide

In my opinion, the US is utilizing every possible way and best technique to increase its agricultural lands into a higher ranking. North America with 37.34% is showing a higher rate in the sustainable agriculture industry.

Source:- Statista.

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