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What sustainable progress is heading in Spain?

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As per the Earth.Org Sustainability Index, Spain is globally ranked 12th. In Sustainable policy, it ranked 56th, pollution is 12th, climate change is 34th, oceans are 106th, Biodiversity is 130th and energy is 7th.

Spain already recorded the global rise of temperature from the industrial revolution period. The climatic condition has been a severely warning for Spain with the adverse situation of floods and increase in temperature in the coming years.

Spain targets the agenda for carbon neutrality with an investment of more than $53 billion. Spain is planning to generate around 74% of the electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2030 and 100% by 2050. Spain is also focusing on raising the issue of reducing carbon dioxide by 55% by 2030.

However, the analyst says, Spain is insufficient to achieve its goals and put them into thorough action due to a lack of renewable share. There are no ambitious plans for decarbonization.

A state of climate and environmental emergency is declared by Spain with an intention of 30 priority measures to be adopted. The measures also include a net-zero emission road-map by 2050 with renewable energy.

Spain is also planning for carbon-neutral agriculture, zero-carbon transport systems, removal of tax benefits for fossil-fuel industries, and a ban on fracking and hydrocarbons.

As per a recent article, Madrid has been coined as the world’s greenest city in the world. The strategic plans are made to expand its city’s park, more than 20 new urban gardens. The vacant land transformed into community gardens with trees alongside the river.

Planting green roofs on buildings, planting beds on paved squares to absorb precious rainwater. Vehicles are in control and ban in key areas. The green transports are more and municipal buildings use more renewable energies only.

Spain is also targeting to end the production of fossil fuels by 2042. A new law passed in Spain is banning all new coal, gas, and oil exploration and production permits for fossil fuel vehicles by 2040.

Well, let’s see, if they hit their targets.

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