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What is the situation of Sustainability in Belgium?

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It can be said that Sustainability has taken a tool in all European countries and so does in Belgium.

The main objectives for Belgium in Sustainability are a transition to a low-carbon, climate-neutral and resource-efficient economy. One of the major visions addressed in Belgium is to achieve Zero waste.

The Brussels government is very much into the circular economy to create various economic activities and aiming to be pioneers in the following concept.

To achieve the goal, Brussels Environment is working hand to hand with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) with Ecocity Builders and the World council on City Data to track the transition of the city for the circular economy.

It is not just a vision for Belgium in Zero waste handling. In 2016, ranked 2 in the European Union in recycling waste. A total of 77% of the waste in Belgium was recycled.

In 2015, the main 5 policies identified in Belgium are: –

  1. Make SDGs known to civil society.
  2. Updating and integration of the SDGs in the existing structures of the federal strategy on sustainable development.
  3. The implementation of the SDGs via the operation and the policy of the federal public services.
  4. The improvement of the coherence between the different policy levels.
  5. Establishing partnerships.

So, how about the Belgium people. What are their thoughts about sustainable consumption integrated into their daily life? (2019 to 2020)

Sustainability -consumption

As we can see, seasonal products, less package/waste, and local products are their top three in terms of sustainability.

What kind of sustainable products do mostly Belgium people purchase once a month?

The survey result shows the type of products they are interested in in 2019.

Sustainable products at least once a month in Belgium

In my opinion, the development is positive, the goals by 2030 are already set, but the Belgium government is serious about not allowing any domestic or other waste to go into a non-recyclable bin.

Making the most out of it is not an easy target. The model of Zero waste may turn out to be a role concept for the rest of the countries also to follow the footpath and set a strong agenda.

Source:- Statista

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