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Sustainability @ Rewe

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As per Rewe group’s sustainability report, they have got many years of experience with a powerful combination of innovative strength in order to promote sustainability.

The main aim to achieve sustainability is — promotion of sustainable product ranges, acting environmentally friendly and climate-conscious, taking responsibility for its employees in order to work for a sustainable society, and taking transparency as a special consideration.

REWE Group introduced four sustainability pillars for the implementation of its sustainability strategy in 2008:

  • Green products
  • Energy, climate, and environment
  • Staff members
  • Social commitment

The target for SDGs for REWE are:-

  • Responsible consumption and production (SDG12)
  • Life on Land (SDG 15)
  • Life underwater (SDG 14)
  • Good jobs and economic growth (SDG 8)
  • No hunger (SDG 2)
  • Renewable energies (SDG 7)

As per the report, Employees by employment contract by gender:-


Employees by type of employment and gender:-


As of 31 December 2018, 173,440 of the total of 176,963 employees of the Group company (excluding the employees of the independent REWE merchants in the partnership model) were covered by collective agreements and/or company agreements. This corresponds to coverage of 98 percent.

In relation to the scope of the sustainability report including the self-employed merchants, 74.8 percent of the employees were covered by collective agreements and/or works agreements.

REWE merchants are independent companies with the legal form of a general partnership (OHG). As a rule, collective bargaining agreements are established by a company joining an employers’ association. Joining is the autonomous decision of the independent REWE merchants.

The merchants must commit themselves to minimum standards in personnel matters vis-à-vis REWE Group. Of course, this includes compliance with all laws, e.g. regarding the minimum wage.

But how much the independent REWE merchants are following all the laws set up by the REWE group. How many multicultural women working from different countries are getting the same respect as equal to any of the German women employed in REWE even through a third party situation? The law is there and it has been provided but honestly how much it is getting followed.

Who is monitoring these independent REWE units? The platform provided for customer service is being seriously monitored? The platform provided for various customers where different country people come into interaction, Are they monitored properly? Who is taking responsibility for the actions done and taken in an independent REWE unit?

How much trust can be provided to such an independent unit? Why there is no survey done regarding the number of women from different cultures working in the REWE unit?

Source:- REWE

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