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Why Sustainability?

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As per Zeit,

Sustainable action aims to think in the long term and create economic and ecological solutions that will also benefit future generations.

Sustainable approaches are essential in tackling the climate crisis, for example, the focus here is on protecting resources and nature.

The traffic light government has promoted sustainable development as the guiding principle of its policy.

On this page, we collect reporting, visions for the future, and inspiration around the topic of sustainability.”

One of the leaders in the world to embrace non-carbon renewables are China. Wind, solar, and geothermal biomass are increasing the need for renewable resources in China. In 2018, renewable consumption in China was 38% larger than the United States and triple that of Germany.

China’s total primary energy consumption from renewables is about 4%, with a growth of 25% annually over the past five years. If the path continues consistently that China’s total energy consumption in renewable will hit 20% by 2025, a breakthrough for a cleaner, less-carbon-intensive economy.

Well, Germany is quite involved in Sustainability and different types of approaches. It can be seen that most of the upcoming products or companies are advertising their services and products with a sustainability theme.

So, what is Nachhaltigkeit- Global. It is an open-end fund incorporated in Germany. The objective is to achieve an appropriate increase in value. At least 75% of the fund value is invested in the UCITS fund. It is also supported in assets that are selected taking sustainability criteria that have been taken into account. The UCITS is also a mixed fund.

 A survey conducted in Germany about sustainability shows the increasing need in consumer’s everyday lives,

In 2020, as per the survey conducted by b4p, 32% agree that they notice the sustainability of the product such as environmental compatibility or no child labour, etc. And 9% totally agree with sustainability.

Also, 35% of them most likely buy fair trade products by 12% agree to purchase fair trade products.

In another survey conducted by Zeit about their readers, the following results got published.

Well, the importance of Sustainability is on increase among the consumer but something has become a determined way of lifestyle among a certain group of people. People are serious about their way of consuming and also how it impacts the environment.

However, the main reason for a more sustainable way of living is due to it the reason for people to think about the future generation. So when you have kids, you want them to have the best of the best in the world and that can be seen as the main principle idea in European countries to know more about such things and find better solutions.

Use the products that are in range and sustainable. And more and more the sustainable practice is done the more you become accustomed to the new way of living.

Source: Zeit

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