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What are sustainable batteries?

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Sustainable batteries defined by the European Commission: These are “[…] produced with the lowest possible environmental impact, using materials that have been obtained in full respect of social and ecological standards, long-lasting and safe and that can be repaired or reused and repurposed.”

The European Commission discussed sustainability on three levels: Ecological sustainability, Economical sustainability, and Social sustainability.

Ecological sustainability is defined as per the principle of the consummation of the products. As per the principle, no more products can be consumed than what can be grown back, regenerate, or made available again in the future.

The economic sustainability goal is the formation of an economic system. The system that can function for the long run. The three basic goals that need to be considered for the system in the long term are a high level of employment, price stability, and external economic balance.

Social sustainability is defined as the conscious organization of social and cultural systems. The system deals with human dignity labour and human rights. Inside the companies, social action impact can be seen to deal with employees or the interest group relations.

Source:- Sustainability battery cell production

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