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What is the need for sustainable battery cells?

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It has been predicted, the demand for batteries is not just limited to electric vehicles, but stationary storage, other consumer electronic items do need the batteries in equal amounts. The forecasted number of the need is seven times higher than the current scenario.

In 2030, around 2,200 gigawatt-hours p.a. will be needed and the biggest demand is in the automotive industry. One of the key technology used in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the upgrade of the drive technology in the transport system. Even though pandemic has drastically hit the world, even in Europe, nothing is stopping the surging rise of electric vehicle sales.

The market saw a rise of 10.5% in passenger electric vehicles, with China behind in the new registration of electric vehicles. Another advantage in terms of eco-friendly goals is the fulfillment of decarbonization in the transport sector. Europe has also been selected to built new production facilities for battery cells to meet the increasing demand shortly.

The rise in demand also led to the increase in the global production capacity from 320 gigawatt-hours per to 3,600 GWh/a by 2030. As per the researcher, to limit the impact of the emission problem in the transport sector, it has to be under control, hence sustainable battery production is seen as a reliable raw material source.

The production of the batteries responsibly and sustainably leads to the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases and also harmful environmental substances in the value chain. It helps to eliminate the human rights abuses, a safe work condition ensures and reuse and recycling of the products are increased.

However, all this practice can be fruitful if the transport sector is supported by reliable sources, such as funds from companies, investors. Even the policymakers with consultation from all stakeholders to form a concrete policy that covers all the important six sustainable issues as well as rectifying the greenhouse gas emission problem in the transport sector.

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