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Key lessons to learn from Japan’s Sustainable market

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Sustainability is been actively promoted in Japan which is one of the leading countries in Asia. A significant amount of investments has been made in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable infrastructure. The Japanese government has set a target to source 22-24% of its energy from renewables by 2030.

Japan is a growing market in green technology and products such as electric vehicles, energy-efficient buildings, and renewable energy. Japan is also a leader in the large recycling industry, resource efficiency, and circular economy.

The key aspects of the sustainability market in Japan are:-

  1. Renewable energy: A goal has been set by Japan to reach a share of 22-24% of renewable energy by 2030 with heavy investment in solar, wind, and hydro energy.
  2. Energy efficiency: Various policies and programs have been implemented to increase energy efficiency in buildings, industry, and transportation, to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Sustainable transportation: Investment in electric vehicles, cycling infrastructure, and other public transportation.
  4. Climate Change: An immense amount of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve resilience impacting climate change.
  5. Sustainable materials: Promoting the development of sustainable materials and products with a focus on industries such as recycling and bioplastics.

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