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How do consumers across the world perceive sustainable purchasing?

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Even though the governments across the world and united nation are coming across many milestones. The sustainable goals are not limited. But how far the consumers are?

As the retail markets or the manufacturers are gearing up with new concepts of selling their sustainable products. Do they have the consumers in the right amount? Are the consumers well aware of sustainable or eco-friendly products?

The following survey results give an overall picture of the purchasing ability of consumers across the world. Are the values shared in the same way?

Consumers from the Netherlands influenced by sustainability purchasing from 2017 to 2020: –

Sustainable purchasing decisions influenced by consumers in the Netherlands

Are the luxury brands more respectful in the environment than any other brands in the apparel, fashion, accessories industry in Italy?

Sustainable purchasing in Italy

Consumers’ opinion on sustainable delivery and environmentally-friendly packaging for online shopping in Finland (2019).

Sustainable purchasing in environmentally friendly packaging in Finland

Sustainable factors driving the purchase of leafy vegetables in Canada (2020).

Sustainable purchasing in Canada

US and UK consumers consider sustainable attributes before purchasing beauty products (2019).

Sustainable purchasing attributes in UK and US

Sustainability conscious consumers spread out in Brazil (2019)

Sustainable purchasing consciousness in Brazil consumers

Sustainable rating for supermarkets for customers in the Netherlands (2019-2020)

Sustainable purchasing in the Netherlands

In my opinion, awareness is very well spread. It can be considered as an influencing factor also to make a decision. But in some countries, it may take some time to get spread out.

Source:- Statista

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