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Is it possible technically to reuse old coal-fired power plant?

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Are you wondered by the question, “old coal-fired power plant can it be reused”? As the situation currently circulates with closing down the old coal-fired power plant so that CO2 emissions can be avoided.  On many political, economic, ecological, or even emotional levels, the discussion is emerging on how to deep dive into technology and physics to reassure coal-fired power plants so that they can be reused into environmentally friendly power plants with reduced CO2 emission levels.

But do we want to reuse old coal-fired power plants? Is it sentiment to keep a part of our old heritage and maintain it or use it in an environmentally friendly condition to have a sustainable solution or potentiality of generating profitable revenue and get a good return? It is well known that coal-fired power plants got a poor efficiency with 30-40% where the energy is measured as exergy, often defined as actually used energy.

If we dissolve the coal-fired power plant, job loss or job cuts are also on the horizon. A large group of employees will be without any pay that often gets to the point where we are even ready to be completely devoid of such depleted fossil fuel, considered as not a sustainable source.

As per the experts and researchers, comparison related to depleting and non-depleting sources of energy is a way the world is shaping into where the goal is to achieve more sustainable means so that the future actions of current actions can be controlled in some ways.

In my opinion, how far things and situations are going to be environmentally friendly nobody knows. Our goal is to preserve what we have in our solar system but with a considerable limitation that we cannot go beyond a certain limit. Even though we find solutions to the everyday problem but issues will always be there regarding cost.

The truth is we are living in a world with a certain amount of bias attitude where a certain group of people gets to experience the luxury but a larger part needs to feed on the leftover. Even though an environmentally friendly attitude should be our prime focus but expenses and cost are also something need to be kept in mind. Is it also worth the cost to reuse old coal-fired power plants or can we diversify the expenditures into something more meaningful keeping the past as it was?

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