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Which are the top 5 countries with a high number of photovoltaic?

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As per a survey by REN21 in 2019, the following countries have been ranked higher with a greater number of installed photovoltaic capacity.

Countries with the maximum number of photovoltaic installed

In my opinion, Asian countries are somehow on the advantageous ground of being installed with more photovoltaic capacity as compare to any western countries.

China is in the number “1″ position with a maximum number of photovoltaic capacity being installed shows the competition of capturing the renewable energy market including the solar energy market is high.

The competition is high among the Asian countries, as China being the leading player in installing the photovoltaic somehow is having an upper hand over its other counterparts in Asian countries.  

However, the area of such a country also matters. How wide is the country area for installing such a high number of panels?

As the land size of China, Indian and the USA is quite wide compared to Japan or Germany. The cities are also larger which somehow provides the opportunity to install a greater number of photovoltaic panels as compared to other countries.

Source:- Statista.

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