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Which UN SDGs are important in Sweden?

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Even though Sustainable development goals (UN SDGs) have been laid out for every country and need to be followed by every citizen. But isn’t it going to be different for every country to adopt such goals and implement them in their life for a better goal?

In Sweden, the scenario shows that people have a different opinion for each UN SDGs and a likelihood of choosing which one is more important to them for their country’s growth and as well as for them.

What Sweden thinks about UN SDGs?

In my opinion, this will happen with every country as each country will represent its agenda and come up with which goal is important for them to improve better for a better future and good prosperity.

It creates a path for each country as each of them got their problems to find a better solution. Maybe for the developing country, all the gaols are important or need to have some more important goals to be up to date with the latest trends.

Source:- Statista

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