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Why USHVA Clean Technology Pvt Ltd.?

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What if IoT isn’t just for the manufacturing industry but also for sustainability? Ushva Clean Technology has been named by Start-up Launchpad as one of the top ten hardware start-ups at the Hong Kong Trade Show in 2019.

They were recognized as Top 20 Energy Startups by Startup Istanbul in 2017. It was founded by Ashutosh Kumar and Visat Patel in 2015. They are both alumni of IIT Bombay. The revenue is less than $5 million.

As the company states, USHVA is a fast forward in the world’s transition to sustainable and connected infrastructure with smart solar inverters and industry-agnostic IoT edge devices.

The company addresses the challenges of comprehending real-time data and provides them with real-time insights using complete Internet of Things (IoT) solutions combined with hardware, software, and the cloud for real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations.

The company provides a next-generation Industry 4.0 IoT edge device/gateway known as Flowlinc and a cloud-based dashboard known as ‘flowlinc.io’. The equipment is used for remote data control with device management and analytics. In the industry, the device is communication agnostic (5G, 4G, WIFI, Lora, NBIoT, LAN, Satellite).

It can work with all sorts of sensors, meters, devices, etc. The services provided by the company are smart energy management, air quality monitoring, smart waste management, fleet management, smart water monitoring, smart agriculture, and cold-chain management.

An IoT edge device, Flowlinc, is designed for logging data from remote locations and gathering it from various locations into a centralised on-site or cloud server using a wire-less/wired medium.

Flowlinc is an easy platform to integrate with an existing device via common industrial protocols: Modbus RTU, DLMS, Serial, and MQTT. It is an Analog and digital I/O in direct monitoring and control with on-device storage to ensure continuity and integrity of the data. The server agnostic is a cloud/IoT platform device capable of communicating with all cloud services.

Flowlinc.io aims to change the same situation in real-time, comprehending data with easy collection. It also allows access to real-time insights from the data at any time and from anywhere. Device management supports the provision, monitoring, and secure control of IoT entities by using rich server-side APIs to define relations between devices, assets, customers, or any other entity. It is a highly dynamic application for collecting data, monitoring, analyzing, and controlling.

In the automotive sector, real-time monitoring of the fuel level in vehicles and diesel generators is an agnostic solution. An integrated cloud-based dashboard with secured access. It supports real-time alerts and notifications for timely actions. An autonomous fuel theft detection and live location tracking system.

The unique wireless architecture by Flowlinc Bridge is implemented by using a Flowlinc-IoT edge device for point-to-point wireless data transfer without the need for the internet.

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