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What is a water footprint?

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The purpose of the measurement is used as an important indicator to track human pressure on the freshwater supply.

In 2002, Arjen Hoekstra, introduced the concept to complement with ecological footprint and carbon footprints. The concept of WF aims in demonstrating the link between water use and human consumption. It also demonstrates the link between global trading in water and water resources management.

In the dimension of water management science, the human consumption importance and the global dimensions of good water governance have been brought out.

The WF evaluates the importance of the water being used by individuals, the environment, rural areas, and cities. The tool is used for comparing the true water supply and demand to promote efficiency in water management. The tools monitor both direct and indirect water use on a life cycle basis.

The parameter direct use means the direct consumption of the water by a consumer or producer. The next parameter indirect used refers to virtual water or embodied water. Indirect use means the total water volume embedded in the production supply chain of goods and services that are consumed by people in a country.

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