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Why do we need Biorefineries?

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Theoretically, bio-refineries might create a wide range of goods, including biopolymers, liquid biofuels, biogas, electricity, and hydrogen. Bio-refineries might become economically viable if they use the right feedstock and make use of production synergies. Energy carriers are often not one of the products produced by processing factories in the pulp and paper business or the food industry, which both create a variety of goods for various markets.

Bio-methane and bio-ethanol reformation is the most direct method of obtaining hydrogen from biomass. The efficiency and cost of processes need to be increased despite their widespread use.

Industrial facilities called biorefineries use sustainable processes to transform biomass into materials, chemicals, and energy. The desire for sustainable development to maintain energy security, combat climate change, and meet the demand for chemicals and materials is the primary impetus behind the building of biorefineries.

Source:- IEA, Sciencedirect

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