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What Americans feels about global warming?

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Global warming is a very vulnerable issue and not knowing how to feel or be adjusted to it. In 2019, a survey conducted by the Center for Climate Change Communication shows different feelings captured by Americans for global warming.

10 feelings have been captured by the survey of Americans, the survey shows 64% of Americans said Yes but 71% of Americans are not courageous about the global warming issues which is an alarming sign as it should not cause some kind of fear and lead to chaos.

Feeling associated with global warming in 2019.

In my opinion, feeling captured in different categories helps to group different people but how far is it useful for any kind of scientific research is uncertain. The result shows 71% of them are not feeling courageous about global issues and 35% of them are not interested in the topic which is also an approach shown by a set of people who are completely relaxed about the topic.

Source:- Statista

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