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Do you know which countries in Europe capturing the wind energy market in 2019?

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So, sometime the competition is not about going international but also among the domestic, or I should home market. As with new technology, every country would like to have a piece of the cake in their country.

With high adrenaline expertise in the chosen renewable energy sector. So, what do you think about the countries capturing the wind energy sector in Europe?

Do you think there will be an unequal share of the power? Or Overpowering the wind power market in some other European countries also?

The evaluation of the wind energy market in 2019:-

Share of the wind energy market with new installed capacity in Europe

In my opinion, the UK and Spain is way ahead. Something surprising as Germany is known to be the high-power market with the latest technology. So the third position in the wind energy market definitely raises the question.

And will Germany come back to conquer the top position? Only the future can tell where the market competition will lead and who will be ahead of whom.

Sources:- WindEurope, Statista (Onshore-Windenergie in Deutschland)

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