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Can wind turbine blades become more sustainable?

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Well, we all are chasing to make the conventional life or vehicles to be more sustainable?

What about renewable resources? Can they be more sustainable and economically more profitable?

A UK-funded project developed an utmost innovative way of turning the conventional blades into more sustainable wind turbine blades. Such a blade can produce up to nine percent more amount of energy.

The blades are designed and developed in Edinburg by ACT blades. The technology is new enough to involve the heavier glass fiber design for a traditional wind turbine blade with a light composite structure.

The blades are wrapped in sail-like textiles. The project has been supported by Scotland’s LMC (Lightweight Manufacturing Centre), Sheffield’s University in Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), and an Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (ORE).

One of the main advantages of a light blade is the increase in the length with 10 percent more. Hence, the productivity of the same wind turbine is increased by producing 9% more amount of energy.

For an offshore wind industry, it is speculated to be a disruptor technology. As it can turn the offshore wind projects more economical and easier to harness.

The second advantage is in terms of the cost of the blades that are significantly lower than the conventional blades. The blades don’t require any sort of paint finish, resulting in saving consuming tine and pollution process.

The third advantage of such blades being partly sustainable. Well, we do talk about turning the cycle of the wind turbine blade production.

In my opinion, the wind turbine field has taken the most futuristic steps by even polishing the existing renewable energy methods. As we get into the future, renewable energy resources may turn into debris or an obstacle.

One of the cleanest energy sources, wind energy, and if it can be made more sustainable. The carbon footprint associated with such a source can be controlled with more efficient energy.

By finding a solution to go for an ultralight blade, saving the cost will impact in lowering the initial cost. The result will turn into magnificent growth for reducing the costs in energy expenditure and even in carbon emissions.

The areas of sectors interested in such projects are aerospace and automotive to defense and renewables.

Source:- theengineer.co.uk

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