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What was the worldwide value of green bond markets in 2019?

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The initiatives to preserve the economy through sustainable or green bond have been considered a serious effort. From the developed countries after the financial debacle faced through the recession.

During the period of 2008 to 2010. The green bond is considered for long-term security. As it comes with a guideline recommending transparency. And disclosure to promote the integration for the development of such green bonds.

The major three Green bonds issued by major investor are from US, Germany and Netherlands. In the US, it is Fannie Mae, KfW from Germany and Dutch State Treasury Agency from the Netherlands.

The top 5 sectors with the global share of green bond proceedings are energy (31%), buildings (30%), transport (20%), water (9%), and waste (4%).

In 2019, the value of the global green bond market by country are: –

Countries with high green bond value in the market (2019)

In my opinion, the participation of each country with the green bond shows the variations. And involvement of each country be it from Asia or any of the western countries. The market can be seen as a billion dollar market.

Source:- Climate Bonds Initiative; Statista (Clean technology investments globally)

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