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What is 7th axis for an extended arm and linear modules for Cartesian system in Robot joints?

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The 7th axis — the extended robot arm

The working range of industrial robots is extended so that it is able to move it over a longer distance, called the 7th axis. On the linear slide axis of the robot, it is moved back and forth between the individual machine tools or stations with the magazines and pallet systems. INA KUSE X-life monorail is a six-row guidance system that is suitable for a guidance system. Long nominal service life is particularly provided with reduced lubricant requirements and exceptionally low stroke pulsation.

The monorail guidance system is a six-row with particularly high load capacity carrying in the direction of pressure where it is predestined to be used with direct drives. The availability of an entire production cell with X-machine tools that can be maximized with offers from DuraSense from Schaeffler for monorail guidance systems. The integrated sensor technology from DuraSense can automatically lubricant or the lubrication condition can be monitored by the carriage implemented. The unplanned failures are risky due to wear and the failure of lubrication can be reduced significantly.

Linear modules for cartesian systems

To handle workpieces and tools, an expensive robot is not actually needed, usually Cartesian axis systems are often used to perform such tasks where the combination of linear modules are made up of. A very comprehensive range of INA linear modules are offered with linear units being driven in the field.

The range of applications is extended by special functions with linear modules, for example, MTKUSE is enabled by the telescopic module to transfer areas behind any protective walls or working areas that are separated.

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