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9 applications of AI in the value chain and it’s impact?

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The 9 different applications of AI’s impact: – 

  • The market conditions are simulated for production forecasts and strategy pricing. 
  • The digital mock-ups of product features can be created based on the historical successful features or user preferences. 
  • It can be used in scanning scientific and clinical research data so that other uses for drugs can be identified which have approved already such as drug repositioning. 
  • It can be used in Robotics automating assembly lines and also for On-demand manufacturing such as to produce goods that are adjusted based on the specifics order that can be turned on or off autonomously.
  • The raw materials as per the sales patterns can be auto-ordered and are known for lead or production time. 
  • The emergency vehicles can be routed to hospitals based on criticality case, staffing, expertise, traffic, and patient load.
  • The products and services can be personally recommended and also AI chatbot can be used as a customer service agent. 
  • The emotions of the call center can be detected and monitoring of the sales is effective. 
  • In pharmaceuticals, the adverse event can be monitored as per the trends in doctor visits or social media reporting. 

The impact of artificial intelligence applications: – 

  • The risk, time, and expended capital are reduced over the process of moving from strategy to execution. 
  • Often the symmetry in the information is not seen between the producer and consumer which can be reduced, hence resulting in message tailoring. 
  • The runway can be reduced that requires an insight before it is generated.
  • The costs and the risks with better planning and forecasting can be reduced. 
  • The output can be more and also better quality with few resources. 
  • The required time and resources can be reduced in these processes. 

Source:- The macroeconomic impact of artificial intelligence by PwC.

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