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How important is the adoption of AI in marketing personalization?

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AI adoption in marketing personalization means the use of artificial intelligence technologies and techniques to customise and tailor marketing efforts to individual customers or target audiences.

Collecting, analysing, and interpreting large amounts of customer data enabled by AI allows large organisations to support precise targeting, personalised recommendations, and enhanced customer experiences.

As per industry professionals worldwide in 2018, around 78% of respondents stated that organisations are currently using or planning to use artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing personalization. The benefits of the use of AI in marketing personalization include improved customer experience, increased efficiency, and better decision-making.

The most significant adoption of AI by marketers is in $500 million to $1 billion companies with conversational AI for customer service. Since 2017, AI adoption in marketing has doubled, with the use of AI increasing from 50 percent to 60 percent.

The AI market in 2021 was estimated to be 15.84 billion US dollars and is projected to increase to more than 107.5 billion by 2028.

The ways AI is being used in marketing are:

  1. Personalised content, offers, and customer experience.
  2. Auto-generation of content for personalization.
  3. Product and content recommendations
  4. Audience identification
  5. Automation of cross-channel personalization
  6. Delivery of customer activity insights.
  7. Email campaign automation
  8. Provide predictive customer service.
  9. Customer churn and loss prevention
  10. Automation of chatbots, virtual assistants, etc.
  11. Delivery of sentiment analysis from social channels
  12. Customer self-service
  13. Social marketing automation

The main reasons to use AI adoption in marketing are

  1. Analysis of data
  2. On-site personalization
  3. Optimisation and testing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Image recognition and/or processing
  6. Automated campaigns
  7. Content creation
  8. Programmatic advertising
  9. Digital asset management
  10. Video recognition and/or processing
  11. Creative and design work
  12. Automated offers (e.g., coupon codes)

The major benefits that were noticed when using AI for marketing personalization are:

  1. Improve customer experience
  2. Delivery of better-performing content, offers, and experiences
  3. Improve performance metrics.
  4. Increased use of analytics, including KPIs and customer insights.
  5. Discovery of more valuable audiences
  6. Increased productivity
  7. Increased market share
  8. More accurate personalization
  9. Remain competitive
  10. Innovation of new products and services
  11. More effective email campaigns
  12. Increased work quality
  13. Removal of repetitive or tedious tasks
  14. Create higher-level, more interesting jobs.

Leading companies offering AI-enabled automated campaigns are:

AOL, Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, Google, Magnetic, MediaMath, Microsoft, Oath, Salesforce, Snapchat, The Trade Desk, Turner, Twitter, and Viacom.

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