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What are examples of AI-powered chatbots in customer services?

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The top examples of AI-powered chatbots are:-

  1. 1-800-Flowers: “GWYN” chatbot is used by the company, it uses natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NGU) for customer orders in an intuitive way than a traditional online order form.
  2. H&M: Chatbot is used by the company to help customers to find the right size and fit it for their clothing purchases.
  3. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: “BB” chatbot is used by the airline to help customers to book flights, check flight status, and get answers to frequent questions.
  4. Domino’s Pizza: Chatbot is used by a company to allow customers to place orders, track their delivery, and get answers frequently to their questions.
  5. Bank of America: “Erica” chatbot is used by the bank to help customers manage their finances, pay bills, and get an answer to frequently asked questions.
  6. Sephora: Chatbot used by the beauty retailer to help customers to find the right products for their skin type and preferences.

Even though Artificial Intelligence is becoming a controversial topic, businesses are improving their customer services, to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

AI-powered chatbots are becoming a powerful tool to increase productivity but also to keep potentially engaging the customer.

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