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What firms need to be successful with AI applications?

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The term AI is DIGITAL. Is it possible for firms to use “D-I-G-I-T-A-L” more profoundly to experience the successful attitude of Artificial Intelligence?

A team of researchers describes D-I-G-I-T-A-L as Data, Intelligence, Grounded, Integral, Teaming, Agile, and Leadership for AI application.

Data is one of the primary requirements for Artificial Intelligence machine learning techniques. AI is termed data-hungry. Google to work with its Google brain system needed 10 million images for facial recognition of human faces, human bodies. Without good quality data, Artificial intelligence cannot add value to firms. And with the shortage of the right skills, analyzing and managing the data for valuable and actionable insights are not possible.

Be Intelligent with Artificial Intelligence applications. Managers need to be guided for digital intelligence for suitable human skills in their organisation. Intelligence is needed for data science capabilities for strategic, technological, and security-related possibilities. Strategic capabilities for managerial skills are vital.

Grounded approach with new digital technologies. Grounded form in improving the existing offering, revenue increasing, operational efficiency is enhanced. AI projects are being continued as a suggestive insight for a grounded approach in AI application.

Integral in AI application is required to be more holistic. The Integral approach in AI comes in six ways such as strategy, processes, data management, technology alignment, employee engagement, and culture.

Teaming up with technology specialists and the expertise available in the market. Technology firms such as IBM or Fujitsu software companies, Microsoft or SAP, or consultancies like Accenture or Deloitte.

Agile in the AI organization led to the success factor. AI’s successful impact on agility leads to reconfiguring of the processes, resources, and strategies that are the core of organizational agility.

Lead the AI-related project from an executive management leadership position. The managers should be able to shoulder the responsibility than the project managers. The organisation should focus on prioritizing the firm’s digitalisation efforts, including AI and other digital technologies that are advanced.

Source:- Demystifying AI

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