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The official sales and service partner of Microlino is AMAG

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As per the official reports, on September 30, 2022, the official sales and service of the Swiss e-city car are handed over to AMAG group. The initial phase is in the large AMAG centers in Bern, Dübendorf, and Geneva.

Noviv mobility AG  founded by the AMAG group proves its seriousness about the new task of selling Microlino. As per Thierry Juilland, Future Retail Strategy Director at Amag Retail, “Nov in Romansh means new, fresh, young, and viv comes from viver, to live,” Juilland emphasizes “that two Swiss family companies have come together in Amag and Microlino”.

The initial test drives were offered by AMAG and Noviv Mobility AG in Bern, Dübendorf, and Geneva. As per Merlin Ouboter Co-Founder, Microlino AG, “In this way, we ensure that the prices are the same throughout Switzerland and it doesn’t matter whether our customers order in the showroom or at home from the sofa.”

Microlino debuted at Geneva Motor Show in 2016, showcasing its all-proposed electric lightweight four-wheeled quadracycle by Micro-Mobility System. The vehicle is specially designed for urban mobility. It depicts the design of bubble cars of the late 1950s with the front-opening door. It is a two-seater vehicle with a trunk, and a folding sunroof and can be charged easily at home or with a type 2 plug.

Noviv Mobility AG is headquartered in Cham and operates in the sector, Dealing with and repair of automobiles and motorcycles. It was founded in 2022 with 6 people in management.

According to Oliver Ouboter, Microlino AG, “In Switzerland alone we have had over 15,000 interested parties since our first presentation at the Geneva Motor Show six years ago. Around 20 percent have now made a down payment, thereby demonstrating their concrete interest in buying – although we haven’t undertaken any major advertising campaigns yet.” “Now it’s about slowly but steadily ramping up production together with our Italian partner Cecomp in Turin in order to be able to cope with the demand.”

As the approach in Switzerland of going through a sales partner looks more profitable, Microlino is expanding itself in a similar way across other countries too. As per Oliver Ouboter, “We originally had the idea of ​​selling our Microlino exclusively via the Internet. But we quickly realized that our customers would like to experience the vehicle in real life – and so we are now looking for sales partners abroad, too.” “It’s not that easy, but we’re busy negotiating.”

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