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Which applications are suitable for the adaptive robot control systems?

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Bin picking (gripping into the crate) is one of the applications where the adaptive robot control system is usable. The application is also meant for de-palletizing and parts being transferred in the correct position to downstream machines, magazines, or other fixtures.

As the handling is easy during the setup, operation, and changeovers, in prototype construction or small series, the work steps can be automated. The optimized process sequences with minimum cycle times of four seconds can also be realized. Also, the integrated simulation tools can help to optimize the work steps even before time and money can be invested in prototypes.

The integrated physics’ engine can be helped with realistic situations of bin-picking scenarios where simulation is often in a reproducible state as required. For example, this means that the CAD data is sufficient to run tests with new gripper types to make predictions about cycle times that can be an achievable degree for emptying the boxes.

The complete solution for the robot vision is also suitable for planning, development, and maintenance where a direct connection to the machine controls via protocols such as Profinet or OPC-UA is achievable with already equipped in Industry 4.0.

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