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Which sectors attracted the AR/VR technology investment across the world?

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As per a survey by Statista, the timeframe for adopting the AR/MR technology across the world by XR professionals shows that around 36.9% of professionals suggested within 3 to 4 years. However, only 8.9% of professionals suggested less than 1 year.

Around 22.3% of professionals suggested more than 5 years may require to adopt the AR (Augmented reality)/MR (Mixed Reality) technology.

This shows that the technology is very well in demand among the professionals and very eager to implement it within their sector.

A survey conducted by IDC shows in which areas the investment has been attracted: –

AR/VR technology

Definitely, the gaming industry profited more with AR or VR technology. The investment in billions of US dollars in VR gaming or AR gaming also enhanced the demand among the consumers and other customers in the market.

Source:- Statista

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