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Are AI and feeling Economy connected?

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AI…. AI…..AI….. the next generation technology or technology of today did create a wave among the mass consumer. The technology-led humans to be categorized in a job related to thinking, analyzing, processing, programming, or data evaluation whereas the formal part of the work has been associated with machines.

Over the decades, the advancement of AI led to the development of a profile related to thinking capability, however, the situation is not 100% correct, as the assumption is that corporate jobs are more with the feeling task of jobs where communication/coordination with others and also maintaining the interpersonal relationship is more important for human workers.

An economy is called a “feeling economy as the total employment and wages attributable to feeling tasks exceed the total employment and wages attributable to thinking or mechanical tasks.” As stated by Ming-hui Huang, et and al.

The interpersonal, empathetic, job with feeling tasks such as coordination with people from inside or outside the organization can establish or maintain an interpersonal relationship that can sell or influence others which are important more than the thinking or mechanical tasks required for both employees and consumers.

In my opinion, due to changes occurring because of AI and more and more developed countries or even emerging countries are investing in AI or products related to AI, it is not fair that the general mass will become categorized into one set of employment and the people not groomed in such technology or employment will face difficulties to navigate their path.

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