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Do you think Artificial Intelligence is challengeable?

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Artificial Intelligence- a debatable topic for humankind’s existence. It considers some technology needs to exist. It is to take care of our daily needs or shape our future of tomorrow. With more futuristic dreams and impossible heights that are beyond humankind to reach.

Artificial Intelligence is related to machine and deep learning techniques. The algorithms interact in the 3D world based on the discovered patterns. And insights generated with the help of working data.

The main purpose of such a machine is to think and act as a human as possible. Blessing or curse, impossible to judge now. But, the reality of artificial intelligence is helping us to smooth our decision-making capabilities.

It is related to the market or business-oriented field. Some of the imperative uses of Artificial Intelligence in our daily life are digital assistants of mobile phones. Driver assistance systems, bots, texts, speech translators, and assisting systems in recommending products. And services or customizing learning methods.

The challenges observed in AI for immense challenge able opportunities are: –

  1. Trust building: – One of the crucial roles of AI is building trust. It is one of the core use ages of science. In technology and algorithms, people are mostly unaware of its implication. And the reality of whether to trust or not.
  2. Human interface in AI: – Since the technology is new, working manpower is short due to data analytics. And data science skills, hence, business owners lacks the right skills required for professionals. To match the requirement needed for the work with such technology.
  3. Investment: – The technology is expensive. It makes it harder for every business owner. Or a manager to invest money. Or use it with a large amount of computing power. The hardware associated are expensive for the machine to run effectively. The enterprises incorporated in its nascent stage resulted in a slowdown for the AI lifting technology to be at such a scale and provide cost-benefit ratio.
  4. Software malfunction: – AI being controlled with machines and algorithms are able to handle the decision-making ability automatically, enabling the automation to make it difficult to identify any cause of mistakes and malfunctions. Due to the lack of a human being’s ability, tools used for learning. And understanding work with little or no control over the system. Hence, making the system automated and more complex.
  5. Non-invincible: – AI, known as powerful, got its own limitations and cannot replace all tasks. The job domain emerged with different quality job profiles.
  6. High expectations: – AI research conducted by numerous technologists and scientists with different objectives, motivation perspectives, or even interest is day by day raising the expectations. Nobody knows the true mysteries of human intelligence and the thought process. And thereby, the functioning of AI also got very high expectations.
  7. Data security: – Decision-making ability via AI. The huge volume of classified data, identified as sensitive and personal in nature. The concerns make it a vulnerable issue such as data breach and identity theft. The AI-based tools exploited via companies and the government striving for profits and power.
  8. Algorithm bias: – Data and algorithms are all related to AI, helping in making decision-making capability to be accurate and training the AI-based software to use authentic and unbiased data. However, a fear of unethical or unfair consequences seen in the vital decision-making process leads to bias for any AI system.
  9. Data scarcity: – A major hurdle is the availability of good quality data for any AI power. And capabilities or any AI applications depend directly on the accuracy. Or relevancy of the supervised. And labeled datasets used for training and learning.

In my opinion, every technology will be with some challenge or obstacles, hardly, there will be any new emerging technology or application without any major complications. The solution is not hard but takes some time to get adjusted.

Source:- IntechOpen by Dinesh G. Harkut, Kashmira Kasat and Vaishnavi D. Harkut.

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