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Are the application domains of AI progressive for mankind?

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As per a scientific work published in intechopen, the application of the Artificial Intelligence domains has been spread out in a wide manner. The goal of the AI tool provides a solution in solving many tasks such as classification, clustering, reduction of dimension, regression, prediction of structure, machine translation, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, decision-making capability, computer vision, visualization, and more.

AI is not something new that we are experiencing now. Some applications are progressive for the lives of human beings. Such as assistance in driving, personal care provided for aged/handicapped people. 

The execution of arduous and dangerous tasks. Informed decisions made by the assistance. Huge amounts of data are rationally managed that are difficult for interpretation. Translating assistance. And multilingual translation.

The application domains are just not for free services. But opening a new door for new opportunities. Or even to explore your entrepreneurial skills. Use ideas, and implement them to provide a new innovative solution.

Even though we see language translation as a small segment. But today, many countries or citizens are working through such language tools. Where they don’t have a common language for a correct conversation with each other.

The direct implementation of the tool advancement. The translation tool in your email language. It helps in language identification. And hence, provide a suggestion as to translate it or not. An easy and immediate solution.

Where you don’t have to waste your time for copy and paste. The tech development cannot be neglected. A small example is used in our daily life. Or business life in a wide way. But a whole team of developers behind such applications.

Or conceptualizers who are coming out every day with new solutions. Or ideas to make it more advance, accurate and customer-friendly.

The advertisements are widely used to generate income for different applications. And a variety of eCommerce platforms. Helping the customers to just be aware of the latest search results.

Or about the favorite holiday destination with different service providers. With just a click of a button. The latest development in the Industry 4.0 is the growing role of IoT applications. And deployments.

The machine learning technique brought the automatic ability of pattern identification. Or detecting anomalies generated via smart sensors or devices. Speech recognition and computer vision, some Artificial Intelligence technologies in extracting insights from human-generated data.

Improvement with such future application. Identified by AI are capable of replacing human activities such as:-

Playing poker game in 2020. Laundry folding better than a human being in 2022. Spoken language translation in 2024. Writing high school exam paper in 2026.

Winning world champion race as a robot by 2028. Participating actively in retail trade by 2030. Writing a best-selling editorial in newspapers by 2045. Surgical interventions were performed in 2055. Mathematical research by 2060.

Humans replaced in every activity by 2061. And humans replaced in every job by 2080.

Is it something needed? The AI has always been a human aid. But do we support such ideas? Or concepts where AI can just replace any human job available in the world.

Or any human activities? Do we need to visualize ourselves? Where science is just leading with the human ego rather than visionary concepts. That can change mankind’s outlook. And make them work more progressively? Isn’t it something AI should focus on for development?

In my opinion, some applications are for fun or amazement. What wonders the human brain. Or develop replacing human activities. A world inhabited with an unequal ratio of lifestyle.

Where one part of the world is living with affluent resources. But the other part suffers not just for one day meal. But also struggle with their livelihood. Or finding a genuine source of income to live.

Do we need to focus on areas where jobs can be replaced by AI? Or should we use AI applications more to provide humanitarian services? Or aids to human welfare to bring some equality? if there is such a thing available on the planet earth?

Source:- IntechOpen by Dinesh G. Harkut, Kashmira Kasat and Vaishnavi D. Harkut.

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