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What is the situation of autonomous vehicles across the world?

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One of the important features of the autonomous car is telematics. The defined purpose is the use of the automobile industry to communicate with the flow of information generated from vehicles via wireless networks.

The OEM embedded automotive telematics have been sold more than 14,000 units across western Europe from 2017 till now. The market is lucrative. The data collected till 2018, helped us to predict and forecast the upcoming situation till 2030.

Autonomous vehicle

The market penetration projected for autonomous vehicles in the UK till 2023 by different levels of automation shows that connected cars will capture the market by 86% and the L3 production penetration is around 48%.  In the UK, interestingly, an integrated GPS used is around 17% whereas a handheld or plug-in system is around 35%.

The connected vehicles market share across the world is 70% and in the US it is 90%.

A survey conducted by the Centre of Automotive management shows that the top brand across the world in vehicles are VW, Daimler, Ford, and BMW.

One of the important lines in automotive production is the supply value chain and the rolling out of the new connected cars. In France, the roll-out of the connected cars in 2015 was 18%, and 17% of them were in the operation stage. In Germany, the roll-out of the connected cars was 23%, and 11% of them were in the operation stage. In the UK, 20% of the connected cars rolled out and 14% were in operation.

In my opinion, the western part of the world is strongly rolling out with connected cars as well as the importance of integrated features are becoming one of the top priorities. Autonomous cars are being loaded not just in one particular segment but in various ways and different opportunities.

The AV provided an opportunity even for the western countries to explore a new phenomenon in an organized way. The customer must be drawn to unique looks, designs, or even the latest concepts.

The integrated features provide opportunities to customize the vehicle as per different price segments. The competition to lure new customers need to keep the economic customers also in a special segment.

Source:- Statista (Connected cars in Europe)

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