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Do you know the average cost of an Industrial robot in 2025?

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So, are you interested in investing in Industrial robots. And jump into the market to invest. Or buy an industrial robot for industrial. Or manufacturing purpose? As per a survey by Ark Invest,

Average cost of the industrial robots

The average cost in 2005 was recorded as 68,659 US dollars. But with the increasing competition and new edge technologies.

The price has gone down over the years. And somewhat affordable for most of the country. With the rising demand of fast production line.

And increase in revenue generation due to the usage of industrial robots for sophisticated. Or even heavy machinery work, the market provided the opportunity to explore new concepts.

And hence, cut in the cost. Industrial robots are not just seen as a helping aid. But can also been seen as a replacement for the countries where the ratio of the availability of human workers is less.

In 2010, the average cost of an industrial robot was 46,150 US dollars. In my opinion, industrial robots have no doubt provided ample opportunity for the STEM industry to explore.

And innovate new ways of configuring machines to work in a more economical. And productive ways, but it also opens the door to a new market where programmable machines can work endlessly without any obstacles or hazards.

Source:- Statista (Industrial robots)

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