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Which AI companies in the USA are in Big Data?

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The AI companies in the USA involved in Big Data:-

  1. Zymergen – The company is involved in utilizing machine learning, automation and genomics. The core of the industry is focused on agriculture, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry. They use the technology to cultivate the microbes faster via automation software. They also maintain a catalogue of physical and digital DNA data of the cultivated microbes.
  2. Orbital Insight – One company raising my interest on a higher level. The company provides its services of insights and forecasts in the agriculture and energy industry. The data are collected by using satellites, drones, balloons, and other aircraft are used. It uses geospatial imagery and artificial intelligence to answer the insights that are not visible to naked eyes.
  3. H2O.ai – The company caters to service as an open-source platform for data science and machine learning. The platform is utilized by worldwide organizations. It focuses on predictive analytics and machine learning tools to solve critical business challenges.
  4. DataRobot – The service is catered for data scientists with a platform to work with machine learning models. The software helps in finding you the best solution for challenging or complex tasks with predictive model data. The software is used in healthcare, fintech, insurance, manufacturing, and even sports analytics.
  5. Narrative Science- The tool is used for making quick business decisions. The technology can be known as natural language generation (NLG) to translate data into stories. The aim is to highlight relevant and interesting information.
  6. Tempus – The company’s focus is to use AI for breakthrough cancer research. The company is working with AI to gather and analyse the large scale of data from medical and clinical records. The company manages to utilize the technology to analyse each individual’s past medical history and genetic makeup to diagnose and treat. Hence provide personalized and precise medicine for an optimise result.  
  7. Veritone – The company designed its Operating System for artificial intelligence, known as Veritone aWARE. The aim is to analyse a massive amount of scalable and actionable quantities of data for companies to make their decision-making process more insightful and with more clarity.

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